Friends' Cumbrian bands I filmed at a gig in memory of Brian Orr some years ago at LaalBri Remembered LIVE @Monroe's Bar, Workington, Cumbria, UK.

Bind Mountain, Burning

Sweet Zombie Jesus! - The Art Of Dying

Sweet Zombie Jesus! - Let The Blood Flow

Probably my favourite SZJ song: Sweet Zombie Jesus! - God Of Oblivion

Hollowpoint - Scarred

Non-Music Links

I have some space if you want to put some Amiga related hardware projects, software projects, or related whatever.

Gary Lindsay has published a nice guide Programming 16-bit EPROMs using an 8-bit programmer with instructions on how to program Amiga Kickstart ROM images using an EPROM/EEPROM programmer.

More stuff will gradually be added.

Oh, and if anyone wants to have a go at building/updating these, I think it would be well received:
http://aminet.net/package/driver/audio/vss - Clockport based Amiga soundcard with AHI support by Valenta Ferenc

Other Amiga related links:
www.bambi-amiga.co.uk - hosted on an Amiga 1200, free webspace available there too!
(Darren who runs that site also offers an ADF to Disk / DMS to Disk / diskimage to floppy service if you get stuck!)

eab.abime.net - one of two popular Amiga forums, with loads of useful information and some great people

https://www.facebook.com/groups/CommodoreAmiga/ - The Facebook CommodoreAmiga group
( If you want some space, you can find me here. Just search for www.ld50.co.uk )

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